Xiangzhou Kindergarten Looking For Qualified Foreign Teacher

10,500rmb monthly pay plus 5,000rmb contract completion bonus. Teacher must be at the school from 8 to 11:30am and 3 to 5:30pm with four 30 minute classes during the day. Teacher must be enthusiastic, have some experience teaching young children, and be able to incorporate games, songs, and props into teaching.
If you or someone you know is interested, have them contact me via wechat (scan the QR code), on LinkedIn (click the ‘contact me’ button above), or fill out the form on the “Teaching Jobs” page.

100 Or So Words That Will Shatter Your Sense Of Security Given That Your Sense Of Security Depends On The Zhuhai Housing Market

On March 25th, the Zhuhai city statistics bureau released February’s economic statistics. Total area of commercial housing sold was down 10.3% from last year. Total area of second hand homes was down 6.1%. However, the average price of second hand homes was up 13.35%. (Sell now people.) Of course, the Spring Festival holiday always makes February statistics weird, so we’ll know if the housing market is in a full blown downturn only when the March statistics come out, but word from real estate agents is not encouraging. (“You know of any good jobs?”) The main reason for the price drop is the increased difficulty of obtaining a home loan. If the real estate market begins to affect the stability of the wider economy, we’ll most likely see a reversal of this government policy.

Chinese Language Zhuhai Public Wechats

Wei Zhu Shou 微助手QRStarted By BenZai a reporter for a local newspaper, this Wechat has never lacked for content and built on Benzai’s popular QQ group which organizes tastings at and reviews of newly opened restaurants. Benzai’s partner Zhou works for the Zhuhai Department of Human Resources, so in addition to breaking news, they also post Zhuhai’s best new job opportunities. In his free time, Zhou runs a webhosting, Baidu SEO, and Android app development company. These resources allowed WeiZhuShou to set up a wide range of functions soon after being set up. Unfortunately, most of these functions are no longer supported by Tencent’s Wechat API. However, a message to WeiZhuShou returns the options: press 1 to search content, 2 for human assistance, 3 to simply send a message to Wei Zhu Shou, m to use the smart help function. The final function really deserves a full review, but as far as I’ve seen, so far nobody uses Wechat functions anyways.


4 Trader Joe’s items that would sell well in the PRD.

Organic Hot Cocoa Mix

From premium cocoa organically grown in Ghana, Indonesia, Venezuela & Brazil for a richer flavor and texture than most instant mixes…

100% Cherry Juice

Different cherry varieties combine to make a juice that’s easy to drink and loaded with antioxidants…

read more

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Light in color and a bit fruity, with a refreshing “green” flavor – from some of the world’s most flavorful olives…

read more

Unsalted Crushed Tomatoes

Picked at the peak of ripeness, gently steam-peeled, and carefully crushed before being packed with nothing but just a bit of basil…

read more

How To Set Up A Wechat Shop

A friend of mine asked me how to set up a Wechat Shop and this was my response to him. It’s very incomplete and I think that reflects the information that Tencent has made public on the subject. But, if you know more, or can point out something I’ve got wrong, please let me know. Also, if anybody has any questions I’d be more than happy to explain further.

First, there’s this thing called WeiShangCheng (微商城) which is a platform tied to Tencent Weibo. It allows users to collect points and turn in their points for badges and stuff like that. It has an API and special customization for businesses. And, it seems like it is totally worthless.

However, either I am confused about this or the whole internet is, because everybody is referring to the slow process of enabling Wechat public accounts to accept direct payment as WeiShangCheng. So, if you search for what everybody is talking about,
you get this other platform that is totally unrelated. Or is it? Is the plan actually to slowly convert the Tencent Microblogs of businesses into a seperate input/output source for Wechat? It is possible considering that Tencent recently introduced the microblog input as a standard piece of Wechat 5.0, and as the platfrom through which to promote their new short video player product.

All that said, I believe there are only two ways to set up a Wechat shop right now. The first is to be a massive company that can set up a special relationship with Tencent for large quantities of money. These are the companies that get to issue Tencent VIP cards through
WeiShengHuo (微生活). They were the first to get the customized menus for public accounts, and they have access to a ton of potential functions that SMEs can’t touch. I’m mainly pointing them out here because if anybody is looking at one of these accounts and thinks theirs should be like that, well, it can’t.

The second way is to have a registered company, apply for a service account, apply to be a developer, and apply for the MuBanXinXiJieKou. You’ll need your own server receiving and returning info at the other end of the connection. With all that, I’m not sure accepting payment is already available or just theoretical at this point. I still haven’t gotten that far in the process. But, I’ll keep updating as I do.

Hengqin Headlines Feb 21 2014

ChangLong amusement park will be holding a recruitment fair today from 9am to 4pm at the Zhuhai City human resources department office in Qianshan. They are hiring for more than 150 different positions across twelve departments. If you can’t make it today, ChangLong HR will be there again on Feb 26th.

Global independent inspection, verification, testing and certification service company SGS has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Hengqin Coal Trading Center.

Zhuhai Headlines Feb. 21 2014

Zhuhai issues Guangdong’s first set of regulations to promote ecological development.

Bo’Ai Kindergarten has begun offering Cantonese education.

GaoLanGang auctioned three land plots on Feb 20th.100,000 sq meters were sold for a total of 1.3billion RMB.

Post-Spring Festival labor shortage: 50,000 positions currently unfilled.

For the first time, vocational school grads have a higher rate of employment than university grads in GuangDong.

In Gree Real Estate’s first ever deal in PingSha, it bought 120,000 square meters of land zoned for commercial housing.

Commercial RE Listings:
QianShan MingZhu Rd. 120 sqm 5.4 million RMB.
- Next to bus station.
- Sidewalk and parking space.
- On main road.
- Stable rent income.

Gongbei YueHai Middle Rd. 108 sqm 2.49 million RMB
- Corner lot
- In nice neighborhood

Zhuhai Headlines

Mafia drive by shooting in Pingsha. Two “Bread Vans” chased down a Benz and crashed into it. One of the van drivers then jumped out and began shooting a gun at the Benz driver. The victim survived but was injured in the crash.

The city government is preparing a document outlining the next step in ‘marketization’ for the city’s state owned enterprises, Gree being the largest.

Hengqin Headlines

The largest TV station in Macau might move to Hengqin.

International arbitration center to be set up in HQ.

Hengqin walking street will open by the end of this month. Majority of shops represent Macau and Hong Kong brands.

The Crystal Palace restaurant in ChangLong amusement park is now open for business.

A subsidiary of Guangdong province SOE conglomerate Guangdong Guangxin Holdings Group will set up regional headquarters in Hengqin.

Zhuhai Headlines

All of the news except for the really important stuff.

Qianshan to invest 700 million rmb to set up a polluted water treatment facility.

Doumen to invest hundreds of millions of RMB to set up a system for dealing with polluted water.

Xiangzhou to build one highschool, one primary school, and one kindergarten this year.

Four reasons Zhuhai is the place to start your business

1. Proximity to Macau.
Setting up shop in Zhuhai gives you access to China’s premier travel destination. There’s no other place in China that gives you a platform to raise brand awareness not just with the locals but with the millions of visitors most of whom are on the higher end of the earning scale. While the revenue from VIP baccarat might stagnate, especially if the current anti-corruption campaign continues, the number of vacationing families will ensure visitor arrivals continue to grow at double digit rates.
2. It’s not Macau.
Macau is an expensive and crowded place. There’s not a vacant budget hotel room to be found and even after building another five or six of the world’s largest casinos, there will still be an extreme hotel room shortage. Hiring can be near impossible and based on an unscientific study, wages are infinitely higher than in Zhuhai. Zhuhai, on the other hand, still has rents and wages significantly lower than Shenzhen. A huge proportion of the population is a recent graduate from one of Zhuhai’s universities, and that will only increase with the relocation of Macau University to Zhuhai. It just so happens that companies can get government subsidies to compensate for hiring recent graduates.
3. Blue Skies
For a city on the Pearl River Delta, Zhuhai is still remarkably clean. It doesn’t hurt that the main urban areas form two rings around mountains with large water reservoirs. Go to any supermarket or convenience store and the bottled water from these reservoirs tastes way more like water than any of the bottled water brands shipped in from outside the city.
4. Still Developing.
Zhuhai has always been its own travel destination and that’s gone into hyper-drive with the opening of the ChangLong amusement park featuring a circus act, the world’s largest aquarium, and a hotel that looks like it was made by god, when he was three and playing with building blocks. Beyond tourism, Zhuhai continues to benefit from the outsourcing of business services from Macau and the otherwise rapid development of The Hengqin investment zone, which is a priority of the national government. There’s a lot of room to grow in Hengqin, Zhuhai proper, and especially the western areas currently building up shipping and transportation infrastructure, including an airplane manufacturing facility in partnership with Boeing.

7 things I don’t know about Turkey

1. Do the people responsible for political destabilization efforts wait for an opportune moment vis-a-vis monetary policy, or was that merely serendipitous?
2. How has the stock market reacted? Turkey ETFs?
3. What’s Twitter saying about all this?
4. Why should the central bank be so concerned about depreciation that they would jack up interest rates 50%? Isn’t this a classic example of when a floating currency can help maintain stability?
5. Will the multiple sources of pressure be enough to make Erdogan step down? If so who could replace him? Someone supported by Gulen’s network?
6. What would a Gulen supported PM mean for Syria?
7. Why buy defense equipment from China?

If you can help me with any of these questions, please leave a comment!

The face of Snowden is the face of Big Brother

Snowden’s job was to establish the credibility of the subsequent series of information releases. Mission Accomplished. Now absolutely any person or entity can be targeted with information supposedly collected by NSA, leaked by Snowden, and published by Greenwald. Just as Wikileaks did not damage merely the US, likewise Greenwald’s future releases might just target anyone. After all, we have been assured, NSA collects on everyone and every entity. Now that releases are sponsored by Paypal, we can be sure future releases will serve to advance US political objectives. The specter of info attributed to Snowden’s leaks should cause fear for anyone intelligence leaders might have reason to discredit. The info doesn’t need to be something Snowden had access to, it doesn’t even need to be true. It will nonetheless be considered credible and be a huge story. Greenwald is now Chief of Media Assassination, fulfilling his primary goal as a faux-journalist: to advance his career.

Firms charged 300 yuan annually to have WeChat accounts verified

Story here.

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Three Steps to Baidu Marketing

A good page rank on Baidu can make or break an online marketing campaign in China. Luckily you can SEO your site for Baidu and are only charged when you receive visitors. The three steps below explain how it’s done.

Step One – Choose your company’s Baidu keywords, set up your Baidu affiliate site, post your marketing material.
Step Two – Leads search Baidu, or browse your Baidu affiliate site, and click on your marketing material.
Step Three – Leads contact you through your website. You increase sales.

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zoolander poses

Foreigners Needed For Commercial Shoot

Are you able to go to Guangzhou and look like Derek Zoolander? Do you like money?

A Guangzhou company will be shooting an advertisement for a ‘stay in China’ program. They are currently looking for young and attractive foreigners of both genders to audition for the shoot.
If you are interested, please send a picture on Weixin and we’ll get back to you with more details.


Zhuhai Headlines 10-28-13

Elite criminal gang that stole six motorcycles in ten minutes has been taken into custody in Doumen. Eight men have been apprehended and 35 motorcycles have been recovered.

On Sunday night, Zhuhai welcomed the chairman of the national ecnomic standing committee PengXiao Feng. At the end of Q3, Zhuhai’s economy is up 10% year over year. Zhuhai has converted shanty-housing into 2,800 public housing units so far this year and has finished basic construction on another 5,277 public housing units.

New Zhuhai development plan sets aside 27% of the city’s surface area as nature preserves.

Doumen villagers carry out extra-judicial punishment on two motorcycle thieves. One beaten to death, the other suffered fractures of all four limbs. Seven villagers were arrested and four more have been placed under residential surveillance.

Last Thursday, the Zhuhai city level people’s court opened the case of 17 suspects that allegedly ran a laptop smuggling operation for the past four years. 18,377 were smuggled from Hong Kong and sold in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and online, evading 17,000,000rmb in import taxes.

Zhuhai Gaolangang port received first natural gas shipment from world’s most advanced LNG vessel. Officials hope to provide 300,000 tons of LNG per year to the PRD in this manner.

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New Zhuhai English Training Center Hiring for Assistant to the Manager

This is a full time position, 40 hours per week. Compensation is 2,000rmb per month plus commission based on the number of new student sign ups. The training center is in New Xiangzhou.

Job requirements: Good spoken English. Ability to work and communicate with people from English speaking countries. Ability to conduct and/or supervise each step of the sales process. Ability to handle class scheduling and other administrative tasks.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted to schedule an interview.

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China hopes to conclude RCEP in 2015

Manila – October 12

The 23rd ASEAN summit and a series of meetings among Asian leaders has concluded in Brunei. Vigorous Chinese support for the RCEP was noted.

At the conclusion of the meeting a press conference took place in which the ASEAN chairman revealed each item discussed in the meetings. He expressed that ASEAN leaders value continuing the path of ASEAN plus China, Japan, Korea, cooperation and realize the long term goal of a united East Asia. ASEAN leadership welcomes the already begun discussion on the RCEP and hopes to complete an agreement in 2015.
In 2002, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and India separately signed the 10+1 free trade agreement with ASEAN. These 16 countries issued a collective statement in Cambodia “A United Voice on the RCEP Negotiations” and formally began the process of creating this free trade area. This area covers 50% of the world’s people and global gross domestic product and trade of around 30%. At its signing it will be the new vitality of development in East Asia and will make a contribution to global economic recovery.
The Chairman stated the RCEP will promote the integration of Asian economies and allow ASEAN to play a central role in the framework.
At this ASEAN summit, the competition between the RCEP and the TPP became a hot topic of media discussion. One Philippine reporter stated that due to Obama cancelling his trip to Asia, there’s more interest in the RCEP negotiations. A Japanese report claimed that the US wants to use TPP to force open the Asian market whereas China has adopted an attitude of mutual benefit. ASEAN would hope the US could learn from this approach.
State Council Premier LiKeQiang encouraged RCEP negotiations in each of three meetings. He advocated that China and ASEAN walk the same path, continue economic integration, that two successful negotiations had been conducted, and that a strong effort should be made to reach an agreement for 2015. Li also made clear that RCEP negotiations are conducted according to the principles of openness, transparency, and tolerance. “The RCEP and TPP can interact to push both forward” Li Said.
A statement of support from all members of ASEAN was released on the 9th.

China Rebalancing Update September 11 2013

A new coordination group for reforms will be comprised of 35 government agencies and will be led by the National Development and Reform Commission.

Online rumor law clarified by Supreme People’s Court interpretation. Better not be popular when you’re rumormongering. “According to a joint statement by the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the offense of online defamation will be regarded as “serious” if a post of false information is visited 5,000 times or forwarded more than 500 times. This means the person who posted the rumor will be punishable by the Criminal Law, facing up to three years in prison.” (link)

Anti-corruption drive:
China Oil and Gas Tycoons Run for Cover – FCPA blog

PetroChina Executives told to hand in passports.

Wang Jun, the former deputy head of Songjiang district thrown out of party.

Longer wait for China residency permits irk foreign firms - sucks to not have your passport for 15 days.

August Data:
On Tuesday, the National Bureau of Statistics reported: Industrial output growth at 17-month high, fixed-asset investment accelerated to a 20.3 percent gain year-on-year compared with 20.1 percent from January to July, retail sales rose 13.4 percent year-on-year, up from 13.2 percent in July. Overseas sales increased 7.2 percent year-on-year, against just 5.1 percent in July. new yuan-denominated loans in August stood at 711.3 billion yuan (115.24 billion U.S. dollars). 7.4 billion yuan more than a year ago. Auto sales rose 10.28 percent year on year with 1.65 million units sold in August. Steel Mills swung back to monthly profit. Survey says 16% of employers will boost staff while 2 percent will reduce workers in Q4.

China Vanke Co (SHE: 000002), the nation’s biggest property developer, said it sold 1.33 million square meters in floor space with a total contract value of 15.3 billion yuan in August. The area was up 13% from a month earlier and up 27% from a year earlier, and the value was up 9% from a month earlier and up 35% from a year earlier. Strong sales are expected in September and October, which are traditional high seasons in China. (link)

August YOY CPI 2.6%. PPI -1.6% from -2.3% in July.

YUM Same store sales still down 10% YoY even though I kind of like their new burger and its been months since any orchestrated media campaigns accusing them of serving toilet water.

Local Government Debt:

From On Monday, Shanghai began a three-day, 11.2-billion-yuan offering of independently issued bonds. The offering was divided into five-year debt with a 3.94 percent interest rate and seven-year debt at 4.01 percent, according to a statement on the website of the city’s finance department. (Caijing)

Shandong issued the same amount of bonds last month, and Guangdong will sell 12.1 billion yuan in debt on Sept 16.

New direct debt issues by local governments are likely to reach 50 billion yuan this year, compared with 28.9 billion yuan in 2012.


Central banker Zhou XIaochuan released an article calling for a multi-tiered financial system yesterday. He hinted at developing preferred shares, high-frequency trading and asset securitization as examples of financial innovation.


Davos in Dalian kicked off on Tuesday.

China Rebalancing Update September 7th 2013

Shanghai FTZ: Something strange is going on with this draft plan that media outlets have ‘seen’ but not published. And Chinese media has been careful to label the reports coming from it as ‘foreign media reports’. Now it’s claimed that it will liberalize 19 sectors.

Sheng Songcheng of the PBoC statistics department explained in a China Securities Journal article why capital account liberalization will not lead to massive capital flight.


The WSJ China blog speculates that August numbers will be good. “House prices up 8.6% on year in August.”  ”Local governments in smaller cities like Wenzhou have not been enforcing policies meant to cool the market, CREIS said” Imports gained 11.3 percent last month, according to a Reuters poll

WSJ China blog also reports on an interesting new development in statistical reporting. “On Thursday, the National Bureau of Statistics of China posted a statement on its website saying Luliang County in Yunnan province had hugely inflated its industrial output figures and fixed-asset investment.” But, is naming and shaming something to expect from now on or is this more factional struggles?


The trading of government bond futures relaunched after 18 years.

Hu Xiaolian a deputy governor of the PBoC,  warned in a financial forum that the interbank lending market is getting too big, making balance sheets more complex, and making monetary policy harder to implement.

Anti-corruption drive:

WSJ reexamines the link between those targeted and Zhou Yongkang’s petroleum based political network and speculates that weakening these interest groups can’t be bad for reform.

Analysis: Minxin Pei frets about bad loans and overcapacity.

Zhuhai Headlines September 5 2013

The Zhuhai “Corruption Prevention Regulations” have been released. No individual or government entity that takes part in bribery shall be permitted to participate in bidding for government projects or be on either side of government purchases for three years.

For the second time this week, some guy has saved a little girl from falling out of a window.  The last one used his 15 minutes to complain that kindergarten fees for his child are so high that his mother hasn’t eaten pork for a month.

Mayor He Ningka presided over the unveiling of the new Zhuhai City Government website (http://www.zhwsbs.gov.cn/). Now offering 24 hour service for whenever you need governing. The site allows residents to pay their water and cable TV bills,  set up a social insurance account, apply for a Macao or Hong Kong pass,  and  lots more. The app is still being developed.

Man recovered phone lost by girlfriend after shop-owner that claimed it was not lost in shop accidentally posted selfie on his girlfriend’s Weibo.

There are now 890000 things in Zhuhai’s internet of things. An increase of 12254.

Work on rail line #1 starts on the 8th. The project will take 14 months and will be completed just in time for next year’s air show.

As always, there’s lots of real estate news. For example, 3,000 units will be coming on the market in September.  But, this is the first Golden September, Silver October since the restrictions on home purchases were limited, so it’s probably a good time to be a Zhuhai real estate agent.

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China Rebalancing Update September 5 2013

Shanghai Free Trade Zone:

The South China Morning Post obtained a document claiming that there will be capital account convertibility within the Shanghai free trade zone. The article does not disclose the title of the document, its length, or how it came to be in the hands of SCMP reporter George Chen.  Caijing adds that “Local authorities in Shanghai said on Wednesday that the free trade zone will allow foreign banks to set up wholly owned units in the zone, with simplified procedure. ‘Big moves’ could be anticipated in the zone in the open-up of finance, authorities said.” China Money Podcast discusses the possibility of capital convertibility in the Shanghai free trade zone.

Food Safety: 117 companies to be tried for selling gutter oil in Jiangsu.

Land: New records for land sales set in Beijing and Shanghai

Anti-Corruption Drive:

Party/Government anti-corruption website unveiled :http://www.ccdi.gov.cn/ So go ahead and accuse your local officials of corruption. See where that gets you. There’s been a number of new arrests (and one report of a death during an April interrogation ) in what seems like an attack on petroleum based officials.  ”The stand-out catch so far by the anti-corruption watchdog is Jiang Jiemin, who was dismissed from his post on Tuesday as the head of the central government body that oversees the biggest state-backed enterprises. Until March this year he chaired CNPC.” (CER) And the Shaanxi official that was smiling at the scene of a horrendous accident was also smiling at his sentencing.


Regulations designed to protect bank customers were issued Wednesday. Local Government Debt: Finance Minister Lou Jiwei gave an interview with CCTV which was critical of how local officials had run up debt, but ultimately seems meant to reassure that the issue is not out of control. He emphasized that new local government bonds must be used for construction projects and not for day to day expenses.


WSJ RealTimeBlog breaks down June’s cash crunch and frets about another round.  ”The PBOC could cast away these problems with a wave of its monetary wand, but that would undermine its goals of clamping down on financial speculation and slowing growth of the money supply.”

CER draws the connection between the anti-corruption drive and SOE reform.  ”Although there are fewer SOEs today than in the early 1990s when privatization was first enacted, those that survive have amassed strong political leverage that they use to block reforms. Clearing out the stalwarts of SOE influence such as Zhou and Jiang could be a sign the government finally has the political capital to mount big changes.”

Pettis plays with numbers

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ZhuHai Headlines September 4 2013

Zhuhai’s New Summer Palace will host a Mid-Autumn Festival magic show on the evening of September 13th.

GaoLanGang is auctioning five plots of land, one for commercial housing and four for office space with a total area of 230,000 square meters. Bidding for the housing plot starts at 2,600 per square meter. Commercial use plots start at 3,600 per square meter, a record for the GaoLanGang area. The auction will close on October 10th.

2096 people have successfully applied for a Zhuhai Hukou this month.

Construction to begin on 10 new public kindergartens. The projects should be completed by the end of the year, allowing the kindergartens to start class next September 14th. Average investment per kindergarten is 12 million rmb with the city and district splitting funding 50:50.

The 2013 China Port City Economic Forum  was held by the China Port Associatin in Zhuhai yesterday.

August home sales were 567. A 33% decrease from last year.

Commercial space for rent: 190 square meters near Xiangzhou main station.

102 square meter space for sale in New Xiangzhou Carrefour building for 11000/sq  meter. 190 square meter space for sale near Xiangzhou main station for 33,000/sq meter.






ZhuHai Headlines September 3rd 2013

Zhuhai banks tighten conditions for approval of new home loans, eliminate rate discounts.

Zhuhai port crossings up 8.7% summer over summer.

City government launches annual 100rmb fund to support the development of bio-medical industry.

City department of electricity opens Weibo and WeChat public service account. @珠海供电. Customers can now pay their electricity bill through Wechat.

TieHan ShengTai Company wins city contract with 280 million rmb bid for greenification and beautification project to  be completed by November 10th. The bid was 100 million rmb below the authorized budget for the project.

Hospital for poor and uninsured  opened in Zhuhai. Treatment fees covered by government.

117 thousand square meter plot of land sold in PingSha.

GuangDong Province Government Office of Culture announced the beginning of a five year archaeological survey of QiAo island’s cultural heritage.

The Lovers Road extension and park project has begun. It will become the new 4 lane main artery from Gongbei to Hengqin Island even though I don’t understand how that is geographically possible. American design firm HOK has submitted the winning bid to design the park.

Also, this happened:









Invest in Hengqin

If you are interested in forming a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in Hengqin, please leave your contact information and a description of your intended company. Be sure to include whether you intend to use a parent company or invest as an individual.

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Rebalancing Update July 31st

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng -0.3%, and China’s Shanghai Composite+0.2%.

Real estate stocks jumped up today. Apparently, expectations of further tightening in real estate were built into prices and when those expectations melted away with today’s Politburo statement, the stocks jumped.

BTW, did you know that Chinese developers borrow in dollars? I had no idea. “Chinese property developers are expected to stay hungry for overseas funds in the second half, after borrowing a stunning 90.3 billion yuan ($14.62 billion) in the first six months of the year, accounting firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd said on Tuesday.” - http://www.ecns.cn/business/2013/07-31/75334.shtml

Tax reform goes nationwide tomorrow. “China will suspend the VAT and turnover tax for small businesses with monthly sales of less than 20,000 yuan (3,236 U.S. dollars), which will benefit more than six million small companies.” – Xinhua




Why China’s economy is wobbling | China Daily Mail

GK Dragonomics, a Beijing research firm, says much of China’s housing investment since 2008 has been directed at smaller cities where population growth is ebbing and not toward large cities where population is rising. The result: housing shortages in Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities, driving up home prices, while there are housing gluts in hundreds of others.

via Why China’s economy is wobbling | China Daily Mail.

Rebalancing Update July 30th

SH up .7% HK up .48% RMB down .14%

Money market injection: The People’s Bank of China (PBOCpumped in 17 billion yuan ($2.7 billion) into the money markets via seven-day reverse bond repurchase agreements.the central bank was motivated to act after the benchmark seven-day repurchase rate spiked to 5 percent on Tuesday for a second straight session following a jump to 4 percent on Friday. It was just below 5 percent on Tuesday, edging down after the injection of funds by the PBOC.

Capacity Reduction: Chief Engineer at MIIT confirmed that MIIT and NDRC are working on a capacity reduction plan. MIIT last week ordered some 1,400 companies in 19 sectors to eliminate outdated production capacity by September and eliminate excess capacity by the end of the year.

First Half Review: SOE profits up 18%. Tax revenue up 7.8%YOY.

The core business revenue of 80 major shipbuilding companies declined 22.4 percent to 84.1 billion yuan from January to May.

Pettis: Attempts to engineer a rebalancing that lifts consumption over the next 10 years to, say, 50 per cent – which will still leave it with the lowest consumption share of any large economy in the world – would require consumption growth to exceed GDP growth by close to 4 percentage points every year. So an average annual GDP growth rate of 6 or 7 per cent requires average growth in consumption of nearly 10-11 per cent for a decade for China to rebalance meaningfully.

In recent decades real disposable income has grown at well above 7 per cent a year on average. To ensure social stability, it should continue growing at this rate or close to it. But growth in household income and household consumption of about 6-7 per cent implies that, if China is to rebalance meaningfully, GDP must grow by “only” 3-4 per cent. This much lower rate is consistent, among other things, with almost zero investment growth.

(There must be) a significant transfer of resources from the state sector to the household sector. The arithmetic of rebalancing does not otherwise work.


Rebalancing Update

Official data released Monday shows drop in steel price while first half production was 7.4% higher than last year. 

“While China’s slowdown is for real, most of it has occurred as a result of government policies as part of their shift to focusing on a better quality of growth and not just growth for the sake of it“, said Jim O’Neil, former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

National Audit Office ordered to commence urgent audit of local government finances. ”The office suspended other projects to work on the review and will send staffs to provinces and cities this week.” ”China’s local financing vehicles have now 19-20 trillion yuan in debts outstanding, or 3 percent of GDP, the Standard & Chartered warned in mid-July. Some 127 billion yuan (21 billion U.S. dollars) of local financing government vehicle notes expire in the second half, according to Everbright Securities Co.”

JP Morgan predicts they won’t give in to temptation, major reforms are the only way out of this one.  ”In terms of policy, one thing is clear — there will be no stimulus package, despite the sluggish economic environment,” JP Morgan’s Chief China Economist Zhu Haibin said Monday at a media briefing. President Xi Jinping said last week that China must deepen reforms in major areas in order to eliminate institutional barriers that are restraining growth.

But, perhaps increased spending on environmental protection will be a boost? “The Chinese government will spend more than 3 trillion yuan (489.3 billion US dollars) to enhance air and water pollution prevention and treatment, environmental officials told an environmental protection industry forum on Sunday.”


China 3D Printing Capital

China 3D printing industry cluster to be established in Zhuhai

“3D Printing Comes to Zhuhai: A Forum on the China 3D Printing Industry” took place over the weekend of July 20th and 21st. Representatives of the China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance, as well as other 3D printing experts and students gathered to discuss the industry’s development and the applications of 3D printing.
In the course of the event, two major agreements were signed. The first was framework for strategic cooperation between the China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance and the Zhuhai city Government. The second, between the Alliance and the Xiangzhou district government, announced the establishment of a new 3D printing center.

3D printing agreement

3d printing center
Zhuhai is already known as the world capital of printer consumables. The new plan, laid out in these agreements, will upgrade Zhuhai to be the world capital of 3D printing. Zhuhai does not only hope to manufacture 3D printers and utilize 3D printers in manufacturing, but also to lead the world in 3D printing innovation, research and development, and exhibitions.

Zhuhai was home to the first domestically produced laser printer in China, and its printer consumables industry produces 15 billion RMB in value annually. 70% of color ribbons, 60% of ink cartridges, and 30% of laser toner components are produced in Zhuhai and local companies hold 75% of the patents in the industry.

The Xiangzhou government will contract a company with registered capital of more than 20 million RMB to construct The China 3D Printing Industry Innovation Tower. The center will serve to establish standards in the industry as well as to conduct testing and certification. It will also serve to coordinate research between universities and local companies. The China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance will be provided with use of 3,000 square meters of office space free of charge and choose 50 to 80 traditional printing companies to join their organization. In addition to the technical expertise provided by the Industry Alliance, enterprises that receive the blessing of both the center and the Alliance will receive various types of policy support including subsidies, monetary awards, and help attracting talent.

A number of 3D printing research teams have already settled in Zhuhai and one, comprised of four Ph.D. researchers, has achieved a breakthrough in 3D printer nozzle development. The market for 3D printing in China is expected to grow from 1.8 billion RMB to 10 billion RMB in the next three years according to guesses.

via 3D打印走进珠海 助推香洲产业转型升级(图)_中国广播网.

Construction Completed on Macau University’s Hengqin Campus

The project, which broke ground on December 20th 2009, was finally completed today. Macau University Hengqin has 940,000 square meters of floor space and over 80 free standing buildings. Its construction included about 60 different construction teams comprised of over 10,000 workers.
Macau University plans to make a gradual migration to the new campus with some classes beginning in September. More than 10,000 pieces of furniture will be moved into 350 classrooms and 400 dorm rooms in preparation for 2000 students and teachers arriving after summer break. Campus will not be open to the public for the time being. After opening, the tunnel connection to the Macau campus will allow for e-card entry-exit.
The Macau University Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute and two national laboratories (Large Scale Integrated Circuit and Traditional Chinese Medicine Quality) will eventually be moved to the Hengqin campus.

Young Entrepreneurs Aid Scheme to kick off on August 1 « Macau Business

The government’s Young Entrepreneurs Aid Scheme will begin taking loan applications on August 1, it was today announced.

The scheme offers interest-free loans of up to MOP300,000 (US$37,500) for young people to start their own businesses.

Entrepreneurs aged between 21 and 44 are eligible for a loan for eight years, with repayments starting after 18 months.

via Young Entrepreneurs Aid Scheme to kick off on August 1 « Macau Business.

ZH headlines 7-13-13

Plans for building a new ZH airshow building have been made public. Construction is scheduled to be completed by August of next year.

Draft plans for the ZH smart transportation network have been submitted for preliminary review.

Mercedes Benz exhibition at the Women and Children’s activity center today and tomorrow.

SanZao residents being relocated for the construction of new aviation project will be compensated 800元 per mu of land.


Zhuhai chosen as test city for new social security fund

Zhuhai court hands out 30 million 元 in penalties to two companies for trade secret violations.

Doumen teacher accused of sodomizing child

New anti-corruption law reviewed by scholars

Zhuhai institutes the “History’s greatest college graduate hiring incentive plan.” Government will pay social security to employers that sign a one year contract with a recent graduate and the company will qualify for tax cuts.

Zhuhai’s Standing Committee from the Nationals People Conference to begin study on implementation of 2011 law to transform ZH into a tech hub.

Jin Wan concludes its production safety inspection. 12 businesses closed, 9 suspended.

Pingsha man caught moving the body of his murdered girlfriend.


play that funky music till Joe takes the punchbowl with him when he retires

The makeup of the new economic administrative team finally became clear. The single most important outcome was that a number of China’s strongest and most capable economic reformers ended up in important official positions.
Most striking was the decision to retain Joe Xiaochuan as head of the People’s Bank of China, notwithstanding his turning 65 in January 2013, the ordinary retirement age for a minister-level official. If an official is promoted above the ministerial level, into the category of “national leaders,” that official may continue to serve until age 70. Possibly due to opposition by Granpa Wen, Joe was denied ‘national leader’ status through the normal routes. The solution found was to elevate Joe to the Presidium of the
Standing Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Congress (CPPCC). However, it is not clear how long Joe will continue to serve as PBC head. Most observers think he is likely to stay two or three years, at most.
Over the past 25 years, Joe has played a critical role in nearly every important economic reform initiative in China. As far back as 1986–87, Joe was a core team member of the “program office” [方案办], the effort under Premier Zhao to develop a coordinated package of price, ownership, and macroeconomic reforms.
He is sometimes perceived as favoring those who have advanced degrees from foreign universities (even though Joe’s own Ph.D. is domestic, from Qinghua). On a broad range of important macroeconomic issues, Grandpa Wen declined to listen to Joe Xiaochuan’s macroeconomic advice. Now, Wen is no longer premier, but Joe’s contribution has been reaffirmed and he is still serving as central bank head.

US needs immigration reform now

1. We need to keep our lead in tech. We can’t do that relying on US school systems and lottery immigration.
2. We need to secure the border. What does Obama need to do to further establish his security bona fides? Let’s give him authority to secure it rather than put up with the current system.
3. We need to keep competitive as a destination for investment based immigration. Lets keep real estate markets stable as baby boomers retire.
4. We need to have a modernized immigration system to more effectively manage our demographic profile. Our ability to do so is a strategic advantage unique to a nation of immigrants, lets not squander that.

ZhuHai Headlines 7-6-13

Zhuhai plans to issue new anti-corruption policy.

Two illegal pig slaughterhouses busted in XiangZhou.

Fast food restaurant in XiangZhou serves tainted beer. 204 bottles confiscated.

Zhuhai arbitration committee has hired a master arbiter to train Zhuhai’s arbiters.

Zhuhai city requires that all schools allow students at least one hour for exercise at school everyday.

Wealth Management Vehicles

Just to reinforce my own understanding, I want to summarize what Ryan Perkins at The Atlantic wrote about WMVs. If you’re a Chinese investor WMVs can offer you a portfolio investment with a higher return than a deposit. If you are financing a project that has yet to generate enough revenue to make loan payments, you can keep cash flowing in by turning it into a WMV. I wonder if I can turn my student loans into WMVs. But, unless those projects start to generate that revenue, you need the WMV to be constantly growing in order to keep it from defaulting (and you might need to constantly raise the interest rate to make that happen). And, much of the underlying assets are local government projects owned by Local Government Financing Vehicles to keep them off local government books.

Also, there was an article in Asia Times Online that was mostly garbage but did raise the interesting idea that in positive interest rate environments cities no longer grow because the real estate appreciation subsidy, as he claims it to be, disappears. His premise was totally off, and I’m not sure about this conclusion, but the relationship between real interest rates ( real estate price trends) and urbanization rates is an interesting question. And so is whether or not we’ll see those higher real interest rates. He also claimed that China’s cheap labor is primarily the result of the hukou system, which is also probably wrong, but an interesting line of inquiry.

Nicholas Lardy Op-Ed on Interest Rate Liberalization Excerpt

Companies that cannot sustain profitability as rates rise will have to sell assets, be taken over by stronger players, or give up.

Simultaneously, interest rate reform will boost economic growth by increasing further the flow of credit to China’s more creditworthy businesses. This will mostly favor the private sector, where the average return on assets is currently about three times that of state firms.

Of course the banks that have benefited from the cosseted interest rate environment of recent years will resist reform, as will the most heavily leveraged portions of the corporate sector.

Whether China’s new political leadership will be able to overcome these and other vested interests will be the most crucial determinant of the success of planned reforms.

PBOC re-explains its stance on liquidity managment

China’s economy is stable and the inflation rate is under control. For the past 5 months, credit and total social financing have been increasing rapidly. At the end of May, the cash reserve ratio of Commercial banks was 1.7%. As of June 21st total cash reserves stood at 1.5 trillion RMB. Under normal circumstances, cash reserves of six to seven hundred billion RMB would be sufficient to clear the market. So, in total, there’s no shortage in current liquidity.

For a number of overlapping reasons, including rapidly increasing total loan amounts, tax payments, Dragon Boat Festival, changes in foreign currency markets, and reserve requirements, short-term interest rates have increased and fluctuated.

To maintain the stable operation of money markets, the central bank has provided liquidity support to some financial organizations in the past few days. Some banks with more than enough liquidity to meet their own needs have also extended credit for the sake of stabilizing the market and money market interest rates have stabilized. On June 25th, overnight loans returned to 5.83%, 592 basis points lower than on June 20th. As market sentiment and time related factors abated, projected interest rates and liquidity based concerns gradually eased.

Going forward, the PBoC will full implement the spirit of the 13 State Council Meeting, maintain a stable monetary policy, be redundant, and communicate that policy clearly, and be redundant.

The rest tomrrow….maybe.

Programs of Economic Reform Begin to Emerge | Hoover Institution

Programs of Economic Reform Begin to Emerge | Hoover Institution.

Comment: The retirement of ZhouXiaoChuan is a ticking time bomb for the Chinese economy. However, prior to his retirement, the Chinese economy is likely to be surprisingly resilient, with benefits accruing disproportionally in favor of private interests.  However, constantly flirting with the edge of crisis might be essential to maintaining the political capital of market reformers, so it will probably be a bumpy ride.

A letter from the People’s Bank of China regarding liquidity of commercial banks

The letter starts by listing every different type of bank this letter is speaking in regards to including commercial banks, policy banks, provincial level banks, city level banks, the Postal Savings bank, and every branch of the above listed banks and their management offices.

The liquidity of our banking system is totally fine bro. But, due to accelerated change in financial markets and the approaching midpoint of the year, objective management of liquidity in the commercial banking system has become more important. In accordance with the State Council’s monetary policy, and to maintain a stable monetary environment, all financial organizations need to be conscious of risk reduction and liquidity management.

Commercial banks need to increase their awareness of the liquidity environment and improve their ability to assess and forecast liquidity conditions, and prepare adequately for the year’s midpoint. Commercial banks should prepare enough liquidity to cover taxes and the reserve requirement without affecting the cash reserve ratio or outgoing payments. Banks should carefully allocate assets to reflect the macro-environment and restrict excessively fast credit growth that could lead to liquidity risk. In the event of a liquidity crunch, banks should immediately adjust asset composition in response and adequately estimate savings fluctuations in other banks. Financial organizations, particularly large commercial banks, in addition to enhancing their own liquidity management, should proactively display their ability to work in accordance with the central bank to ensure overall market stability.

All financial organizations need to balance their pursuit of liquidity and pursuit of profits, rationally plan total asset and liability composition and payment schedules, assure normal operations, avoid runs on credit, and maintain stability in credit markets.

—- Letter was released at 2013-06-24 11:08:47.

Shanghai was down 5% an Hong Kong was down 2% on the day.

All of the things

Spent the last couple of days catching up on two months worth of news. And here’s what I’ve learned:

The only really interesting articles are about software services companies that I haven’t heard of before. The part of my brain activated by their one-line business descriptions is the same part that lit up when I saw a girl when I was 13. I don’t really know what or how, but Im pretty sure I want to do something messy with them.

News-wise, the whole world just figured out about the NSA. PRISM is not news. It’s Wikipedia articles from 2006. But, also: 3d printed guns and designer drugs. Which is to say, we just took a look at the only effective policing organ in the age we’re entering and it scared the shit out of us. Now NSA will probably get the gutting that CIA and FBI capabilities went through in the 70s. That’s democracy for better or worse. Of course, the elite intelligence/covert action circle that’s been running America since Kennedy will find a new shell to hide their activities under. But, there will be more leakers. That’s how we know we’re sharing information like we should be.

That’s about it. Here’s boring stuff: augmented reality, China’s slowdown, QE, Abenomics, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Hash Tags, Elon Musk, Nasa, 3d printing, Robotics, the state of Silicon Valley, ScandalFest 2013, James Alltucher set new record on adult add symptoms test, Chinese people are old, wearable computing, drone armies controlled by EEG, organics, craft beer, Scott Sumner did not have a new idea.

I had a new idea though. The thing is that there’s a place I’ve been to called America. And, it turns out that the people there are really weird and foreign to me. It turns out that a lot of them prefer to work with each other and do things in weird American ways. Basically, they are incapable of understanding that Chinese people, as a race, are infinitely superior to those of Western origin. But, they are here, and there’s more of them coming because the age of the Chinese consumer is so upon us that I’m having difficulty breathing. So, if they are here and they are running/growing businesses targeting the local market and business is migrating to the cloud….well, they are going to choose a Western cloud and a VPN service to ensure access to that cloud. Of course, this will ensure a huge disconnect between their experience accessing their digital marketing/sales materials and the experience of their target customers. But, well, basically they are a less evolved species so they won’t figure that out. In conclusion, cloud/data management services from, for example, California, can be sold to Western businesses in China.

Or not. Nevermind. Please unread that.


All Plastic Playing Cards

Customized Plastic Playing Cards

These customized plastic playing cards have been manufactured with a magnificent textured finish that reduces slickness. Easy-to-shuffle, long-lasting and washable, these completely plastic cards are the ultimate value in playing cards. You’ll love their six gorgeous colors and enjoy the way they handle. Dealer machine compatible.

Slightly larger print makes them easier to see, but they are still bridge size cards. Here’s a comparison of print sizes.

If you’d like to order cards with your company’s logo, please fill out the form below or contact us through Wechat by scanning the QR code on the right.  Minimum first order of 1,000rmb. Subsequent orders 8rmb per pack.

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U Need

Imported goods convenience store in TangJia market. Downstairs from The Old Chinese Junk, around the corner from Uncle Mike’s restaurant.

American Spirit Cigarettes and other imports!


ZhuHai Bowling at the Sports Stadium

12 lanes

Operating Hours: 9AM to 11PM

Four employees available for events. Two waitstaff, one manager, and one mechanic.

They do offer discounts through group purchase portals.

Sat 9am to 5:30pm they have free bowling for people that sign up online through the ZhuHai Sports Center Website. Alley cannot be reserved during this time.

No restrictions on bringing outside food or drink.

Using the Pingpong area would be additional fee.

Phone: 2611012

Non-Holiday Prices with Reservation
9am to 7pm 12元/game
7pm to midnight 18元/game

Holiday Prices with Reservation
9am to 7pm 15元/game
7pm to midight 20元/game

Shoe Rental: 5元/hour
To book the space for an event or get a price quote call Mr. Zhu: 13926999328


硅谷英语, 智博教育 ,TPR, 瑞士英语, 方通,

全日制英语培训:平和英语, 国际商务语言培训,

企业培训: 智博教育, 硅谷英语, 珠海网络英语培训

VIP: 硅谷英语

誠邀參與“澳門國際品牌連鎖加盟展2013”Invitation to Macao Franchise Expo 2013 (2013MFE) (12-14/7/2013)


澳門的中小企業和鄰近地區的企業可以通過 “2013MFE” 作為互相交流,從而促進特許經營、


現特函誠邀 貴機構組織企業會員參展參會,與一眾國際知名特許經營品牌於2013MFE共拓商機。



Invitation to “Macao Franchise Expo 2013 (2013MFE)”(12-14 July 2013)

In recent years, international brands have a growing presence in Macao. 2013 MFE
is aimed to facilitate a channel for international brands to gain access to franchise
and chain store industry environment and business conditions in the Mainland China
market. At the same time, 2013MFE can lead those international brands to develop
their business in Mainland China. The event aims to attract the participation of more
international brands to promote their products in Macao, thus providing more opportunities
for the local Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to establish business
relationships in franchising and chain operations with enterprises from neighbouring
countries/regions, while utilizing MFE and Macao as the showcasing platform for the
franchise and chain operations industries and create broader business opportunities.

Macao Franchise Expo 2012 (2012MFE) has brought together 156 exhibitors from
Mainland China, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan,
Hong Kong and Macau, representing a wide array of franchise, chain stores and
brand agency businesses, a total of 1,346 business matching has been conducted
with over 13,770 visitors, which brings a good foundation for franchisee recruitments
and further facilitating for international brands and franchise businesses, as well
as fostering MFE as the co-operation and exchange platform for SMEs and business
starters in business transformation and entrepreneurship.

We cordially invite your esteemed organization to organize a delegation to participate
and exhibit in 2013MFE.

Enclosed please find 2013MFE information for your reference or click here to download
the application form
. For more information, kindly contact Macao Franchise Expo 2013
Secretariat (Tel: +853- 2831 3220/ 6229 8000;Fax:+853- 2831 3221;
Email: sec@mfe.mo Website: ww.mfe.mo)

Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute

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公司坚持走具有自主知识产权的专业产品开发道路,累积出一整套符合能源行业特色的Qx GMS (Group Management Suits)集群(团)管理套件。是国内首个大规模集中部署的整体能源行业管理信息系统解决方案。提供包括商务网、设备及资产管理、物资采购、联合储备、虚拟仓库、全面预算、资金管理、项目管理、燃料管理、安健环管理、运行管理、工作票管理、操作票管理、巡点检管理、防误执行、SIS、OA、门户、可视化电厂、手机办公、BI、决策支持等28个横向和纵向一体化的成熟业务模块。
公司同时还积极开展国际合作,与IBM、Engica、Oracle、SAP、IFS、西门子、凯捷等世界著名的IT企业保持着良好的合作,有能力实施包括美国MAXIMO、德国BFS++、英国Q4 、瑞典IFS等不同品牌EAM,还能实施Oracle ERP、P6工程项目管理等国际软件。同海与用户一起借鉴、分享国际不同软件产品的经验和魅力。
团队专业组成: 能源专业;IT专业;管理咨询专业。

地点: 广东省珠海市吉大景园路15#珠宝大厦5层
电话: 0756-2137770
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QQ: 1336466882
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Package Delivery Companies will get Subsidies for Car Purchases

Package delivery companies face a huge challenge in adhering to the motorcycle and electric bike ban. Package delivery companies with registered capital below 100,000rmb can get the 5,000rmb subsidy once. Those with registered capital of 100,000 to 200,000 can get the subsidy for two vehicles.
Speaking of two vehicles, gas and water delivery companies will each be given two bicycles.

Second Day of ZH Car Expo Today

If you like cars and would like to see six models new to the ZH market, the second day of the ZH car exhibition is being held at the Children and Women’s Activity Center in New XiangZhou. The expo is supposedly the cheapest place to purchase a new car, but it closes at 7pm.

Gathering of Experts Convenes in Zhuhai. Topic: Comparing Zhuhai’s Livability with Western Countries

The meeting will take place over the 16th and 17th. This is the largest meeting of its kind since Zhuhai became a city. Experts from China and around the world have been invited to take part.

The city secretary LiJiaDeng spoke at the meeting opening. He Jing Tang, a scholar at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Dean of South China University of Technology’s School of Architecture and School of Design spoke as did the director of the Chinese Architectural Society, Cui Kai. Liu Tai Ge, chairman of Singapore’s Art Council spoke as did reknowned American and Japanese designers.

In April of this year, central government Politburo member WangYang visited Zhuhai and emphasized that Zhuhai’s urban planning should be comparable with Western countries.

Home Cleaning Services

Bedroom, Bathroom, Living, Kitchen, Balcony
1.2元 per square meter

Windows 3元 per square meter
Kitchen Ventilator 15元 for each
Trash Can 10元 per time
Pet Stuff 10元 per time
Kitchenware 5元 to 20元 per time depending on how nasty you are
Washroom 15元 per time
Wash clothes in luandry machine 5元 per time
Wash clothes by hand 3-5元 per item (depending on size and nastiness)