Q1 command executed asychronously in a subshell as if the command had been terminated with the & control operator with a two way pipe established between the executing shell and the ___

A1 coprecess

Q2 coproc

A2 reserved word indicating command be executed as a coprocess

Q3 ____ can be used to build and run commands in parallel

A3 GNU parallel

Q4 A way to group commands for later execution using a single name for the group execution using a single name for the group

A4 shell functions

Q5 The exit status of a function definition is ? unless a syntax error occurs or a read only function with the same name already exists

A5 0

Q6 When executed, the exit status of a function is the ____

A6 exit status of the last command executes in the body

Linear Algebra2

Q1 When Y depends on more than one variable, the principles of linear regression apply but, in ___?

A1 Multiple Dimensions

Q2 A ____ shows us the shape of the distribution of values for a single variable

A2 histogram

Q3 a grid of plots of multiple variables against each other

A3 scatterplot matrix



Q1 Hadoop includes a browser interface to inspect the status of HDFS


Q2 A more sophisticated HDFS console is available for free from ____. It includes a number of capabilities beyond the standard

A2 Clouder

Q3 Why would the health status of HDFS in a single virtual machine be ‘bad’

A3 HDFS cannot make 3 copies of the data blocks

Q4 Project Rhino is a push started by Intel to bring ____ support to Hadoop

A4 hardware-accelerated encryption



Q1 CoreDumpDirectoryDirective

A1 Controls the directory to which Apache httpd attempts to switch before dumping core

Q2 Why is it a problem to have ServerRoot as the core dump directory?

A2 It should not be writable as the user the server runs as

Q3 EnableExceptionHook directive

A3 Enables use of modules that can run diagnostics after a crash (eg. mod_whatkilledus, mod_backtrace)

Q4 ‘listen’ is now a required directive if it’s not is the config file, the server will ____?

A4 fail to start

Q5 IPv6 addresses after the ‘listen’ directive are ___?

A5 enclosed in square

Q6 You only need to use the ‘protocol’ argument for the listen directive when ___?

A6 you are running on non-standard ports

Q7 MaxRequestWorkers Directive

A7 sets the limit on the number of simultaneous requests that will be served.

Q8 Connection attempts over the MaxRequest workers limit will be ___ , up to the # based on the ____ directive

A8 PidFile

Q9 Why would you send a SIGHUP(kill-1) signal to the process-id listed in PidFile?

A9 So the server closes and reopens its ErrorLog and TransferLog

Q10 Apache HTTP server uses a ____ to communicate between its parent and child processes

A10 Scoreboard

Q11 Apache HTTPD first attempts to create the scoreboard entirely ____ and, failing that will attempt to create the file on disk

A11 in memory

Q12 ScoreboardFile directive

A12 causes httpd to always create scoreboard in file and specifies that file

Q13 If a third party application requires direct access to the scoreboard you should…

A13 Specify the ScoreBoardFile directive

Q14 If you use a ScoreBoardFile you may see improved speed by placing it on a ____ disk


Q15 It is often useful to set the TCP send buffer size past the OS’s default on ______, ______ connections

A15 high speed, high latency

Q16 If both ServerLimit and MaxRequestWorkers are set to values higher than the system can handle, Apachehttpd may?

A16 Not start of the system may become unstable.


Q1 Amazon RDS uses MySQL built-in replication functionality to create a special type of DB instance called a _____

A1 read replica

Q2 You can reduce the load on your source instance by routing read queries from your applications to a ____?

A2 Read Replica

Q3 Our App’s config contains the ID of the _____. Our code queries the RDS API to determine if any read replicas exist for the master

A3 master RDS

Q4 Although there are several Java libraries for interacting with memcached, the Elasticache Java Cluster Client is preferred as it will automatically ___?

A4 Discover and use all of the nodes in our cache cluster

Q5 The DNS failover feature on Route53 will do what if several consecutive health checks fail?

A5 Switch to a secondary address


Q1 The memory which is allocated file opened etc. to deal with a particular request are tied to a _____ which is allocated for the request

A1 resource pool

Q2 The resource pool for a request is a _____ which itself tracks the resources in question

A2 data structure

Q3 There is a ____ which keeps track of resources which were allocated while reading the server configuration

A3 configuration pool

Q4 To find commands, the server looks in the modules ____?

A4 command table

Q5 The data contained in the headers and payloads of packets and their associations flow data as traffic moves from one node to another across a distributed IT system. 

A5 Wire Data

Q6 ./confdba-us

A6 where scripts are stored for connecting terminating openvpn desktop clients (not mobile)



Q1 A sequence of simple commands separated by one of the control operators ‘|’ or ‘|&’

A1 pipeline

Q2 Each command in a pipeline reads the ____ output

A2 previous command’s

Q3 The reserved word ____ causes timing statistics to be printed for the pipelineonce it finishes

A3 time

Q4 If ‘|&’ is used, the ____ of command is connected to command2′s standard input through the pipeline

A4 standard error

Q5 [time[-p]][!] command1[[| or |& command2]

what’s -p

A5 changes the output format to that specified by POSIX

Q6 If the reserved word ___ precedes the pipeline, the exit status is the logical negation of what the exit status would be

A6 ‘!’

Q7 A ____ is a sequence of one or more pipelines separated by one of the operators ‘;’,’&’,’&&’, or ‘||’

A7 list

Q8 If a command is terminated by the control operator the shell executes the command asynchronously in a subshell

A8 &

Q9 command2 is executed if and only if command1 returns an exit status of 0

A9 command1&&command2

Q10 command2 is executed if and only if command1 returns non-zero exit status

A10 command1 || command2



Q1 claimed to be the last of the mathematicians to consider one to be a prime number

A1 Lebesgue

Q2 A mathematical operation that corresponds to the informal idea of finding the area under the graph of a function

A2 integration

Q3 The first theory of integration was developed by ____?

A3 Archimedes

Q4 Integration is roughly the inverse operation of _____

A4 differentiation

Q5 In the 19th Century, Augustin Cauchy finally developed a rigorous theory of ?

A5 limits

Q6 Lebesgue referred to measurable functions that take only finitely many values as ____?

A6 simple functions

Q7 Lebesgue’s technique for turning a measure into an integral lead to the modern field of _____

A7 measure theory



Q1 A sequence of characters considered a single unit by the shell. It is either a word or an operator

A1 token

Q2 A sequence of characters treated as a unit by the shell. Cannot contain unquoted metacharacters.

A2 word

Q3 A token that performs a control function, contains at least one metacharacter

A3 control operator

Q4 A character that when unquoted spearates words, blank or one of the following: ‘|’,’&’,’;’,’(‘,’)’,’<’,’>’

A4 metacharacter

Q5 A set of processes comprising a pipeline and any processes descended from it, that are all in the same process group.

A5 job

Q6 A mechanism by which users can selectively stop (suspend) and restart (resume) execution of processes.

A6 job control

Q7 Process Group, a collection of related processes, each having the same ?

A7 Process Group ID

Q8 T/F: Return Status != exit status

A8 False

Q9 A mechanism by which a process may be notified by the kernel of an event occurring in the system.

A9 system

Q10 BASH stands for?

A10 Bourne-again SHell (written by Steven Bourne)

Q11 The shell reads its input and divides the input into ____?

A11 words and operators

Q12 ____ is used to remove the special meaning of certain characters or words to the shell

A12 Quoting

Q13 T/F quoting can be used to prevent reserved words from being recognized as such.

A13 T

Q14 The bash escape character

A14 \

Q15 What’s the exception to the unquoted backslash preserving the literal values of the following character

A15 newline

Q16 What may not occur between single quotes?

A16 A single quote

Q17 A doublequote may be quoted within doublequotes by preceding it with a ?

A17 \



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